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Our Legacy

The history of Caterpillar is all about doing: creating, building, problem solving, innovating, testing, servicing and improving. Enjoy the ingenious machines from our rich heritage, and more importantly, the people who founded and built the company one breakthrough at a time. Beginning with Benjamin Holt and C. L. Best, the people of Caterpillar have always been – and continue to be – extraordinary.


1918 – Remembering the 100 year end of the first World War and celebrating peace. View an image of the first New York City Armistice Day parade featuring a Holt Caterpillar 5-Ton Track-Type Tractor on November 11, 1918.

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2000 - Our Cat? dealers span the globe and deliver parts to even the most remote areas. This dealer is distributing parts by boat to a customer in Peru.

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2018 - Caterpillar’s portfolio of early patents and other mechanical drawings communicate how ideas can become reality and inventions can be fun!

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1925 - Caterpillar Thirty track-type tractor radiator side plate. The Thirty was designed by our founder C.L. Best and was on the first Caterpillar product line.

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